The beauty of youth

Sometimes a photo comes along that reminds you that people haven’t changed much over the past hundred years, and this is one of those for me. This young girl’s portrait captured her in a moment of reflection with her future bright in front of her. She is a beauty with long softly curling hair and a lovely oval face. She makes me hope for my daughter’s future as one filled with love and happiness.

The photographer is Zeph. F. Magill, who purchased the business from a Mr. Clark. Earlier cabinet cards by Magill state “successor to Clark” instead of the studio location. Zeph. F. Magill was somehow involved in politics and fertilizer, oddly coordinating lines of business and could also be identified as Zeph. T. Magill who was somehow associated with a criminal arrested for fraud. Such an odd name could not be easily duplicated, but an F can look like a T and vice versa. Hmmm.


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