Family Reunion: Sanger PD

Sanger Police 1964

You may remember this photo from a few weeks back. Lots of people found good information on the Sanger Police Department, and at that time I called and spoke to one of the secretaries there. She offered to send an email around the department letting folks know about the photo, and I didn’t think much more of it. I was hopeful someone would contact me though. Well, just last week, Chief Silver Rodriguez of the Sanger Police left a comment on the original post, and he and I spoke on the phone. The photo and a high quality scan of the photo are headed back to where it all began – Sanger, CA!


Air Policeman

Today’s photo is of a fellow in his police uniform, posed on the sidewalk in September ’66. On the back of the photo it is noted “Air police, Ent Air Base, Dick – Colorado Springs, Colorado.”

Ent Air Base is an United States Air Force base established at the site of a former sanatorium and was active between 1951-1976. It was one of the original sites of the NORAD command prior to its relocation deep in the mountains. After Ent was closed it was converted to an Olympic training facility. It was dependent on Peterson AFB in Colorado because Peterson had a runway and Ent did not. Sounds like a funny way to run an air base with no runway…

I have decided to recycle this post for a Sepia Saturday post because it perfectly meets the challenge of a law enforcement photo. Does anyone else see a resemblance between Dick in the photo up there and a fellow named Barney Fife?

Not much gets by him

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Click, in the name of the law!

Sanger Police 1964

Here we have the Sanger Police department photo, 1964. Whoever had the photo wrote down everyone’s name. Thank you, unknown person! I assume (R) means retired, but it could actually mean regular, meaning the person was on the regular shift, not the volunteer shift, but that’s a complete guess. There’s a Sanger, CA, and a Sanger, TX, both localities which would have more Hispanics on the force than elsewhere in 1964. There’s a palm tree in the far background so my guess is this is California.

Back Row

Don Shepherd, Bob Galloway, Bill Arneson, Andy Padilla, “Phil”, Larry Jones, Bill Les Perance, Finis Shepherd (R), Bruce Presley (R)

Front Row

Dale Hufford, Ken Walker, Ervin Metzler, Chief Carl Armstrong, Chas McVay, Bob Bustamante, Richard Hoveiler (R), Elliott Martinez (R)

UPDATE: Thanks to our great readers, we have confirmation that this is Sanger, CA and the photo was taken at 5th Street and Academy Ave. Iggy also suggested the (R) designation means “rookie” and that sounds better than “retired” for some of these young guys. Thank you everyone!!

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