Lovely girls

Again looking for treasures at Keepers, I found this large portrait of a family. The presentation card is actually much bigger than my flatbed scanner surface is long! They really knew how to present a photo back in the day, didn’t they? So, while continuing to dig, I then found the photo below, which is just the three girls, leading me to believe the fourth child is a son. The girls’ photo is on a photo postcard and it was torn in a couple places. Fortunately digital restoration can make such a difference and we can now enjoy their pretty faces for all time. You’ll notice that all their dresses match in terms of trims, and probably match their mother’s dress as well. I’m saying lavender dresses with white stockings and black shoes.


Adorable siblings

This photo is quite small, the image itself is about 2″ by 3″, and carefully secured in a small portfolio of the type that could fold around itself and act as a standing frame. The photo is in perfect, just printed condition and it obviously has remained relatively untouched since the day it was originally placed inside of the portfolio. The children are beautiful, with the older girl sporting a very cute 1920s bob haircut. They are both in white. Sadly there is no identification of the children or the photographer.

Ella’s weddng?

This is a photo postcard found in Orange, CA. The back doesn’t have anything to identify the manufacturer of the postcard or the photographer. Written in pencil is “Ella” in one corner, so I’m guessing this is Ella’s wedding portrait. That might have been a nice way of sending out a wedding photo to those far and near.

Wedding or confirmation?

This photo was found inside a large presentation photo at an antique shop in Orange, CA. The photographer is S Fordon or Jordon of Chicago. The photo is about 4×6 and is mounted on a large cardstock card that is about 7.5 x 12.

The three children are all dressed in white, and I wonder if the occasion was a wedding, with the little girls mimicking the bride, or the three were confirmed at the same time, although doesn’t confirmation happen in the early teens? I’m not of a church that practices confirmation, so any help here would be great.

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