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Sciota Central Talk

A girl stands at the door, waiting to come in out of the cold. The sentiment is May Christmas be lavish / with good gifts / And the New Year be / generous with glad / days!

As we learned yesterday, Sciota is a very small town in Illinois, and this card was addressed to “Sciota Central Talk.” I do wonder if that was some sort of cue to pass it around or share the message among friends and family?


Sciota Centra Talk / we wish you a Merry Christmas and a Happy new year / from Mrs Ash.


A Joyful Christmas


Ombre green and flowers

This pretty post card from the 1900s shows a pot of flowers on a gilded background, all upon a green ombre card. Ombre is the style of fading from one shade to another, or one color to another. The sentiment is A Joyful Christmas.


The reverse of the card shows us that it was not mailed, but it was intended for Mrs Murray “addressed.” I’m not sure what that meant, exactly. The card was signed Kind remembrances Miss Alva Paugh.

Christmas Day!


All grown up

Over the course of 13 cards, we have seen Kathy & Karen Klein grow up from babies to teenagers. Kathy has grown her hair long as was popular in 1969, while Karen is keeping hers cut short. Both girls look to the side. This is our last Klein family card. I have no idea who they might have been sent to, maybe Aunt Rita who was the recipient of a different Klein family member’s card? I hated seeing them languishing in a box of other photographs, so I’m happy to have rescued them from obscurity or even the trash.

This last photo card features a pine cone, the sentiment Merry Christmas / and a happy new year! as well as the family’s names – The Kleins / Fred, Isobel, Kathy & Karen.

Merry Christmas to you, wherever you may be! There are yet more cards, because you know the mail does not always cooperate with us, and sometimes we don’t always get our cards into the mail in a timely fashion. There’s always a couple that arrive after Christmas, so stay tuned!

Merry Christmas


A trompe l’oeil design

Kathy and Karen Klein appear to be reading or singing from books, but this effect is called trompe l’oeil meaning “trick the eye.” The photograph is overlaid by the line art, making it look like the girls were caught in the act of singing or reading. The line art consists of the books, bells, holly, pine boughs and ornaments.

Season’s Greetings


Growing up and a different dog

Here’s the last card I have from the Gus and Abby Klein family, showing Augie, Susan and Frankie, and now with Bonnie who looks to be a wirehaired or Aerdale terrier. The photo is in color and slides The back of the card has a nice note.


As usual, this was the “best” of 20 pictures brother John took over Thanksgiving weekend – John & Linda were up with the new baby – she is precious & charming & we all wish they could move up here so we could watch her grow up.

Lots of love,

Abby & Gus

Merry Christmas


A giant wreath on the door

It’s really getting challenging to name these posts with the phrase on the cards because so many of them repeat lol. Hopefully it doesn’t matter to you. :-)

Another card from the Gus & Abby Klein family, this one shows Augie, Frank & Susan in front of a very large wreath. I think they are singing a carol since their mouths are all open. It also looks to be a double front door they are standing in front of, because of the door knocker top right of the wreath and the double handles in the center of the wreath. Susan was mad at her brothers that day, I guess, because she is standing slightly apart from them.

Season’s Greetings


Three kids and a puppy

A simple photo card features line art of poinsettias and holly on one side, and the photo of the Gus & Abby Klein kids. Augie, Susan and Frank hold a cute collie puppy. Was this the era of Lassie?

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