Wishing you a happy New Year


White flowers


Pink flowers

The two sides of this card are similar to one another, and at first I didn’t realize there were two distinct images. But there are white flowers and pink flowers, both carrying the sentiment Wishing you a happy new year.

Again, there is no place to write a note and no makers mark. It is clearly a New Year’s card, which is much less common today than in the past, although I’m not so sure they were ever actually popular in history either.


A Joyful Christmas


Ombre green and flowers

This pretty post card from the 1900s shows a pot of flowers on a gilded background, all upon a green ombre card. Ombre is the style of fading from one shade to another, or one color to another. The sentiment is A Joyful Christmas.


The reverse of the card shows us that it was not mailed, but it was intended for Mrs Murray “addressed.” I’m not sure what that meant, exactly. The card was signed Kind remembrances Miss Alva Paugh.

Greetings and all good wishes

Miss Beulah Shank

Blue forget me nots and gilded framing

Today through the holidays and into January 2017, I will be posting a Christmas card a day. I hit the “mother load” during the Tennessee vacation haul, and have almost 50 cards for your perusal, ranging from simple post cards to glittered delights and a series of photo cards that span 13 or more years.

This particular card is a lovely example of embossing and gilding, which both feature heavily here. The sentiment is Greetings and all Good Wishes.

The reverse of the card was postmarked, but I can’t see where a stamp had been present.


It was mailed to Miss Beulah G Shank in Greencastle, PA, RFD3, postmarked December 11, 1909 from Hagerstown MD.

The note reads:

Well Beulah is this cold enough for you? I guess mama has the coal stove by this time if she aint she would better put it upĀ or else you will freeze. I must hurry and take this card up before the mail man comes. Your friend, Mary A Hykes to Beulah.

I certainly hope mama got the stove on and no one froze!

June bride

I intended to post this in June but the days just flew past. Here is a lovely snapshot of a bride, her groom and a flower girl. The photo was taken at a slightly off-kilter angle, giving it a somewhat artistic look. I would put this photo in the 30s to 40s.

Minnie Dwyer

This is Minnie Dwyer and her husband John. Minnie was Benedicta’s sister, and was previously featured in this photo of four of the sisters in their hats. The couple seem to have flowers – he with a boutonniere and she with some type of bouquet or corsage. This may be a snapshot from a wedding.

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