Bruce D McSparrow / McSparrin

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One of these lads is Bruce D. McSparrow¬†McSparrin. Due to some home construction, I have packed these photographs away and I’m not sure which one of these had the writing on the back! Whoops. I also had it carefully labeled on the original file, but my computer is also packed away. Fooey.

Bruce was 7 years old at the time of the photo, September 3, 1897. These two photographs are small, only about 3″ x 4″ with the image centered in the card.


They were accompanied by their mother, previously shown in this post. As it turns out, this is identified on the back as Mrs. S. M. McSparrow McSparrin.

UPDATE: As it turns out, both of these images are probably of the same boy. Bruce Darlington McSparrin lived with his parents Susan and Charles McSparrin in Dayton, PA. This begs the question of who the other photo represents. It may simply be a photo of Susan McSparrin twenty years on in life.


Girl, artistically posed

pretty cherub

Pretty cherub

During the 1920s, there was some artistic theme of posing young children, mostly girls, with no blouse on them. this particular child appears to have some sort of cloth wrapped around her chest, but I have seen others in which the child is not draped in any way. They all seem to have a necklace to hold or some other type of artistic element. I can only guess there was an art nouveau influence or trend that drove this.

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