Now that the Cubs have won the World Series, it’s time for football! This is from an era when padding and helmets were not anything like what our players wear today, and CTE was not even on the radar as a possible complication for boys in their futures. This young fellow looks ready to hit the gridiron and score! Do you think he was the QB or a lineman? Based on the photo style, I’m suggesting the 1920s or 1930s. I can’t make out the photographer’s signature in the lower right corner.


Time Stand Still

One day in the fall of 1935 or so, Dennis Harrington and his buddies on the “L” football team stopped their practice long enough for this team photograph. There are 32 boys and two coaches. Their faces are universal “boy” faces, from Everytown USA. With only a few changes to the uniforms and helmets, this photograph could have been staged last fall instead of 75 years ago.

Time stands still and yet tempis fugit.

The photo comes from an antique store in Orange, CA but we don’t have school buildings like the one in the photo. So, this must be from elsewhere, which is incredibly common. Until about 1960, everyone in California was from somewhere else. This is a proud Sepia Saturday submission. Click through and enter a time warp of sepia photographs from around the world.

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